Plug & Play: Lycamobile Prepaid NL €5 Active Sim Card



  • Receive a new +316 mobile number, with plug and play activation!
  • This Lyca NL Sim Card has already €5 credit, therefore even more easy to start using! 
  • Recharge easy and direct at
  • Or buy vouchers directly from us: www.item.not.yet
  • Free EU Roaming in 31 EU+ countries
Attractive Internet Data packages:
Lycamobile Internet Bundles: 
With our Sim, Data bundles can be fully used in EU Roaming! No Data cap while roaming!
  • 3GB: € 10/30 days 
  • 7GB: € 15/30 days 
  • 10GB: € 20/30 days 
  • 15GB: € 25/30 days 
  • 35GB: € 30/30 days

For direct booking with Creditcard:

Attractive All-in-One packages:

Lycamobile International Bundles with minutes within EU
  • €10/30 Days: 2GB EU Roaming and 500 min within EU+
    To activate from credit send: *139*1414# and confirm with 1
  • €20/30 Days: 5GB EU Roaming, 100 SMS and 1000 min. to EU+ Türkei, Marokko und Schweiz To activate from credit send: *139*3020# and confirm with 1
  • €30/30 Days: 35GB, 100 SMS and 1000 min. nach EU+ Türkei, Marokko und Schweiz To activate from credit send: *139*3001# and confirm with 1*  EU+ countries are the 28 EU member states + Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway
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